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Story The 1000th customer of B. F. Dentistry!


Hello, this is B.F.Dentistry.

As the first Korean General Dentistry in Vietnam, we had reached 1000th customer after only 2 months!

To be honest, our doctors had been sooo nervous and couldn’t wait to see who are the 1000th customer.

And the 1000th customer was…

Tadaa! It’s Ms. Kim O Su!

She came to our dentistry to have a consultation about othordontics with Dr. Lee Il Hong and was verry surprised by our event ^^~

Dr. Ko Bum Jin gave her a little gift and of course flowers as well^^

They seemed to be a little bit embarrassed but still so happy ^^

It seems like students are coming to our dentistry more and more because of the <discount 50% for metal braces for students> event ^^



Dr. Lee Il Hong and Dr. Park Chan Wan also took photo with her ^^

Thanks to your support, we can reach 1000th customers after 2 months!

We promise to do our best to bring you guys the best treatment, the best service!

Thank you so much!

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