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B.F.Dentistry – Let’s get braces with Orthodontic Specialist!

Hello, this is B.F.Dentistry. When getting braces on, the communication between the dentist and patient is very important. At B.F.Dentistry, …

AQUAPICK waterfloss – now launching!

The essential good for your dental care! At B.F.dentistry, we’ve started to launch the new product – Aquapik, which is …

Smart toothbrush for children -BRUSH MONSTER now launching!

Do your kids feel brushing teeth is boring and they even don’t wanna brush their teeth at all? What can …

Children’s toothpaste launching!

The first step in children’s dental care is a good toothpaste! We proudly introduce the best 2 toothpastes for your …

Event “Discount for Self-Whitening Kit”

Hello, this is B.F.Dentistry. We have a good news for you who are interested in teeth whitening 🙂 When you …

Introduce the collaboration between B.F.Dentistry & Shinhan Bank.

Hello, this is B. F. Dentistry. We’d like to give you special benefit – discount 10% when paying by Shinhan …

Collaboration between B.F.Dentistry & New Tech Advance Fitness Gym

In order to celebrate the collaboration between B.F.Dentistry and New Tech Advance Fitness & Gym, we’d like to give away …

Collaboration between B.F.Dentistry and Amore Pacific (Laneige, Sulwhasoo)

Let’s congratulate on the collaboration  between B.F.Dentistry and Amore Pacific (Laneige, Sulwhasoo) 🙂 We’d like to give you special gifts …

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